Kreuser Gallery | About
{Abigail’s Passion}
I started my business in 2003 and started focusing on Fine Art, Children and the amazing people and things that touch all of our lives. My goal with my photography is to capture the essence of my subjects.....
We each have a story and our own unique personality and it is my job to capture those moments so that you can hold on to them forever!!!

{Abigail’s Style}
Natural light is preferred, whether it be light from a window, a shaded patio, a sun-dappled tree or an overcast sky. You name the place: Your Home, Your Favorite Park, The Gallery, it’s completely up to you!
We’ll work together to determine the best time of day for your session, working around naps, feedings, and the individual needs of you, and your family.
Approximately 1-2 weeks after your session, a link will be emailed to you for viewing of your proofs. Feel free to pass this link along to anyone who may be interested in viewing your portraits.
You can order your prints online or directly through Kreuser Gallery.

“When Abby photographs your event, you receive so much more than a picture. She captures
emotions, feelings and sentiments that you don’t often get from other photographers. She gets the
essence of a person and is able to translate it seamlessly onto a picture. I think because Abby is
such a genuine and good-hearted person, she gains the trust of her subjects making it easier for
them to reveal themselves more, which results in very intimate and powerful photographs.”
– Rani Archuleta (Colorado Springs, CO)